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since i'm bored...

i'm going to post pictures of this very beautiful man

before more pictures, i'll tell you who this guy is...

Phil Ritchie - lead singer/trumpet player for Maryland band Lennex
they sound a little like incubus...but i think it's the trumpet that gives their music a different element. and this guy looks like a hybrid of nate barcalow and brandon boyd (that's what i see anyways)

see, in the this one^^ you can't even see his face...and that's such a "brandon move," you'd almost swear it was him

and then with the shaggy hair...mmm

so that's it. look. listen. enjoy lennex.

p.s. no one commented on my last post in here. i'm disappointed :(
you guys should check out those 2 bands as well as Lennex
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