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randomaholic's Journal

Selective Randomness
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Selective Randomness

I wanted to make a community, but couldn't decided on one specific topic to make it for. So I decided to throw together a bunch of randomness because it's my community and I can. The randomness does have some boundaries though, hence the name Selective Randomness.

Here come's the "selective" part of that...

Music: share opinions on new bands you've discovered, CDs you've bought recently, and/or what you think about certain artists/songs. any other music related randomness is fine too.

Books/Magazines: If you've read a good book lately or a cool article in a magazine you think people should know about, give us your opinions on that. Just make sure to include the title of book and the author or the name of the magazine.

Art: Post your favorite paintings or share opinions on your favorite artists. If you're an artist yourself, show us your own work if you want to.

Pictures: If you're into photography, post pictures from your favorite photographers, pictures you've taken yourself, or random cool/funny/interesting ones you find on the net.

Writing: Post your own writing (poetry, short stories, song lyrics) or post poems, stories, and lyrics by other people that you enjoy.

Websites: Post links to your own website or ones you think other people should visit. Tell us what kind of site it is, but please don't post links for any crude or gross ones.

If there's anything else you think should be part of the randomness, let me know. If you want to see my personal journal (although it's friends only...and most of the people who join will probably be from my friends list), here ya go: insomniacfarah.

Enjoy being selectively random!