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if you're bored and have nothing to do like me...

(i've updated my own journal as well as posting in Hoobastank Fans and now here...i need a life)

...you can check out these bands:

Brien had me listen to this band. these guys are from Brazil, but now residing in Los Angeles. They're on J Records and should be touring, but i think they're sticking to local shows for now.
As well as listening to the songs on mp3.com, check out their site - http://www.Udora.net - watch the videos on there. they're from this festival called Rock in Rio and the crowd is fucking huge. looks like the South American version of Woodstock or something. i <3 "Burn My Hand" so very much. Brien saw them live and says they're incredible in person...you'll have to take his word for that though.

(their site design is really cool by the way)
Nattie introduced me to this Norwegian band. They're on Island Records UK, and they are really awesome. they only have clips of the songs up there right now, BUT...go to the site and click on SpanZone. people are having problems registering, so don't do that. Put this e-mail address - jammusgrove@hotmail.com - in to get in (don't worry, doesn't ask for a password...someone shared that e-mail on the Span message board so people who were having trouble could get into the SpanZone). Once you get into that, listen to all the audio on there...and you absolutely must watch the video for "Found." i also <3 that song, that video and the lyrics to it - there is something lurking in the back of my mind...vital information that cannot be FOUND...but i just can't leave it alone. ah, so good! their message board is a lot of fun too...Joff and Jarle (pronounced yar-leh...or yar-lee?? not sure which one...nattie?) from the band post on the board quite frequently as well...entertaining young chaps they are :p

oh how i LOVE my Hoobastank board friends so very dearly for getting me into great bands i would never know of otherwise.
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